Fun Direction visit Essen

Our recent trip to Bevern and Essen to visit our friends in Kicking Girls was a huge success again building on last years first trip. This year we took 12 girls, 9 mothers, 2 grandmothers and 2 dads ! As always, Kicking Girls put on a fantastic 3 days of activities for us and we're indebted to them for the experience the ... More

A Perspective on Irish Volunteering

We have been delighted to host a visitor to the project recently. Marnix Kelfkens visited Ireland on holiday last year and returned in January to conduct research for his Masters in Cultural Anthropology and Sustainable Citizenship. Marnix has some interesting thoughts below on the culture of volunteering in Ireland. CSO ... More

Summer Camps !


Thanking Our Parents

When we provide sporting opportunities for young children aged 5-9, even in a local community setting, we need adult guardians to bring the children along each week. My experience is adults instinctively do this with boys at a young age but are much slower to do it with girls. In disadvantaged areas, sport is often seen as ... More

Dates for August Mini Rio Camps for girls aged 5-9

Our Mini Rio camps are open to all local girls aged 5-9 in the following locations: O'Connells School, North Richmond St. Monday Aug 15th - Wednesday Aug 17th St Mary's Youth Club, East Wall. Tuesday Aug 16th - Thursday Aug 18th Darndale / Belcamp Community Hall. Wednesday Aug 17th - Friday Aug 19th Ro... More

Invite to Coaching Workshop UCD Monday March 14th

We are hosting our very first Fun Direction coaching workshop next Monday March 14th from 9.45am -1.30pm in the Blue Room in the UCD Student Centre . We are delighted to be joined by Antonio Mantero, founder of and the Coach House After-School Development Centre. Antonio is unique in Ireland in his ... More

Interested in Coaching Girls ?

With plans to double our weekly venues from the current three during 2016, the two resources we need to put into place are suitable venues and suitable coaches. Our experience and research suggest venues can be found to host weekly activities for young girls if we can source coaches with the necessary skills. With this ... More

Kicking Girls Visit Fun Direction in Dublin !

Last week I was honoured with a visit to Dublin from a group of co-ordinators and coaches representing the Kicking Girls project from Germany. Having looked around Europe last year to learn from any projects specifically delivering sport to young girls, the only one I found was Kicking Girls. I made contact with it's ... More

UEFA FARE week at O’Connells

This is UEFA FARE week (Football Against Racism in Europe) so we're delighted our football session today is a designated event with plenty of red cards being dished out! Reflecting modern, multi-cultural Ireland, parents of girls at today's O'Connells session hail from 8 different countries across Europe, Asia and ... More

More Scary Studies on Obesity in Ireland

Today's World Health Organisation study on obesity in Europe puts Ireland at the top of a league nobody wants to be leading. It predicts 89% of Irish men will be overweight or obese by 2030, more than any other European country while 85% of Irish women are predicted to be overweight or obese by then also. Can we imagine ... More